Bicycle Path

EVENT: The Selden Hills Throwback Run.
Date: Sunday, September 14, 2014
Time: 7AM

Bicycle PathHow would you like to take the path that thousands of others did back in the early 1900’s when cycling was in it’s heyday!? If the answer is “that would be so cool”!! Then come take the journey as we run or cycle the original “Bicycle Path” that ran from Patchogue to a Port Jefferson from it’s creation back in 1897 to it’s eventual demise in the mid 1930’s.

Read more about the history of Bicycle Path on Wikipedia

Here is how it will work…
You can participate by either biking or running or even walking all or part of the 9.7 mile north south route from one of three starting points.

Point A: if you want to do both the north and south sections, an out and back that would total 19.4 miles, park at the origin of the route in Patchogue at Old Medford Rd and Route 112. Park on the side street across from the Sunoco gas station and head north on Old Medford Rd. Or you can complete just the south loop from this location to the Selden Hills shopping center start and back which would be 12 miles total.

Point B: Park at the terminus of the path at the Port Plaza Shopping Center at the corner of N. Bicycle Path and Route 112 and head south on N. Bicycle Path. If you want to complete the entire course from here…out and back to Patchogue it again will be 19.4 miles. If you prefer to run just the north loop which is 3.7 miles, out and back would be 7.4 miles from the Pt. Jeff start to the Selden Hills.
Point C: Park at the Westfield Shopping center where we normally meet to run our 10K course and head in either direction north or south to travel the north section (3.7 miles one way/ 7.4 round trip) or the south section (6.0 miles one way/ 12 miles round trip) or both (19.4 miles).

Whatever starting point you choose or distance you plan on traveling it would be great if we could all wear our colors as we bike or run on the paths of our predecessors!!

At 7AM on a Sunday the roads should be fairly quiet for this event. However be aware that the majority of the course is now major roadways. There are ample shoulders for the most part and it’s mostly flat terrain but depending on the size of our group it is imperative that we be safe and run or cycle single file when necessary. The idea is to take in what it must have been like to those who took this path before suburbia took over Long Island. Running it for time is definitely not what it is about! Stopping to enjoy some of the terrain or to take a breather( or some pics!) is encouraged!! As we travel along we may pass our fellow Warriors as they trek from the north or south. It will be fun to compare notes and experiences once we are done.

As it gets closer to 9/14 I will ask anyone who is planning to participate to let the group know where they plan on starting and whether they are walking ,running or cycling so others can join that group as they take off.

Let’s make some of own Selden Hills History!! :-)))

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