Announcing the Selden Hills Hall of Fame

As we are in our 10th year of existence as a running group, our 10th Anniversary coming up on June 30th 2020, 10 years to the day Maryann Harkins and I embarked on our first training run known as the Selden Hills, I wanted to commemorate that in a meaningful way. Yes we will have a Hills run that day and yes we will celebrate in typical SHW style but I wanted something more long lasting. Something that would be with us into the future as a reminder of how far we’ve come in 10 years and to have something to look back on 10 years from now and beyond.

What I’ve decided upon was a Selden Hills Hall Of Fame.

A place of honor for those hillbillies who have endured the rigors of our hills as well as achieved some outstanding things in doing so! A place to honor long time members of the group who have established themselves as worthy recipients through dedication and distinction.

Runners will become eligible to be nominated and accepted into the HOF under the following criteria:
A) Having 6 (six) years of continuous active membership.
B ) Having earned the monthly mileage leaderboard a total of 36 or more times
OR having earned a Warrior of the Month or Warrior of the Year award and earning at least
1 (one) leaderboard in each of the 6 plus years.
The criteria is weighted most heavily on dedication with a secondary weighting going to achievement and excellence.
C) Members under consideration to be nominated must also be deemed in good standing and having made a positive impact and contribution to the group as determined by the HOF Selection Committee.
The Committee will be comprised of myself, KC Brett, Rick Secor and John Greene. All original members who joined the group in the first 12 months.
Now on to the nomination of the inaugural 2019 Selden Hills Warrior Hall Of Fame Class!
There are 8 SHW who meet the criteria for entry:

Lou LaFleur: member since 6/ 30/2010
#1 on the Classic roll call. Co founder of the group.
Over 50 leaderboards (of 68 dating back to March 2014 inaugural board)
2018 Contingency Award for qualifying all 12 months of the year.

Joanne Sharon Styles: member since 10/13/2010. #3 on Classic roll call. First member of group to run with founders.
WOTM: 7/14. WOTY: 2014
36 leaderboards

Rick Secor: member since 2/20/11
#6 on roll call.
Well over 36 leaderboards
6 time WOTM. He holds record for most hills miles in a month with 505. ( 2/19) Also ran 501 in 2/17.
Consistency Award 2018, 2019

John Greene: Member since 6/15/11
#16 on roll call
Well over 36 leaderboards
6X WOTM (and first recipient 4/2014)
Consistency Award 2018, 2019

KC Brett: member since 6/22/11
#17 on roll call
Well over 36 leaderboards
7X WOTM. 2X WOTY, 2014, 2016
Consistency Award 2018

Mike Jezewski. Member since 5/13/13
#128 on the roll call
Well over 36 Leaderboards
4X WOTM. 2X WOTY, 2018, 2019
Consistency Award 2018, 2019

Michael DiBartolo: Member since 6/5/13
#139 on roll call
Well over 36 leaderboards
WOTM 12/2014
Consistency Award 2018, 2019

Kristin Babcock Petraco: member since 8/13/13. #173 on roll call
Well over 36 leaderboards
Consistency Award 2018, 2019

The Committee will also select one member each year who for reasons out of their control could not or did not meet the criteria due to injury, relocation or other life event.
The Committee selects inclusion into the inaugural HOF class of 2019 my co founder of the Selden Hills Warriors, Maryann Harkins. Member since 6/30/10.
#2 on the roll call. Absent for several years 2011-2016 to raise her handsome boys Jeffrey and Matthew. Back on the hills with a vengeance each and every week.

Congratulations to all members!!

Subsequent members will be nominated and voted in as they meet the above criteria.
At the end of 2020 the committee will vote on an additional selection for inclusion.

As the years go by and more members are added to the HOF we can look back and see where we began and how we moved forward as time goes by.
I hope it’s an honor many of you can strive toward in your running journey.