Lou LaFleur Honored with the President’s Award by the Greater Long Island Running Club

Lou LaFleur Honored with the President’s Award by the Greater Long Island Running Club

At the annual GLIRC dinner/dance on Februray 3rd, 2018, our very own Lou LaFleur was honored with club’s President’s Award.

GLIRC president, Mike Polansky acknowledged, “Lou has been a GLIRC Executive Board member for several years and the founder and guiding light of the Selden Hills Warriors, one of the most impressive and active grass roots running groups that has arisen on Long Island or anywhere else.”

Well stated by Mike, and I think we would all agree.









Lou was accompanied by not just his club members, but his family as well.

“It was an honor I will cherish and I had my family there as guests of the club to celebrate with me.”

Lou with wife Nancy, son Brian, daughter Lindsay and son-in-law Matt


The annual GLIRC dinner/dance is an evening of dining, dancing, socializing with your running buddies. This year’s event was held at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury and included  cocktail hour and buffet, unlimited premium liquors, wine, beer available throughout the evening, sit down dinner, dessert with Viennese Table, plus an International Coffee and Cordial Bar.

If this sounds good to you, be sure to join your GLIRC and be ready for next year!


East Meets West Recap

Even a drab and rainy morning couldn’t keep us from having a great turnout for the Second Annual East Meets West Bi County Challenge!!

9 or so runners ventured in from across the county line to participate with us on the first leg of the two week event. Some have run the hills in the past and some had not. So we welcome newbies John Clifford and Bill Mazza to hillbilly nation! They were ably accompanied by veteran Selden Hills Warrior David Rockitter and I’m sure he regaled them with some war stories. I believe they said they ran the 10K course in 51 minutes so you know they were working hard!! Also running her first hills run in Selden was Sue Cunningham Fitzpatrick. Hope someone kept you from making a wrong turn Sue. That could be fatal!

Also coming in from Nassau was Linda Ottaviano, Joe Runner and Glenn Morse. Two who really can’t be called “newbies” even though they have not run the course since our group was formed in 2010 were Fred Von der Heydt and none other than Mike Polansky!! President of THE Greater Long Island Running Club!! These two gentlemen ran these hills back in the 1980’s and 1990’s when they trained alongside The Bohemia Track Club and The Middle Country Runners. So welcome back!! Hope Adirondack and Berkshire brought back fond memories (nightmares?) of training runs past.

I would like to acknowledge another runner from years gone by who has run the course with us in the past and has recently become a regular again and that is Helma Clavin. Helma is in her 70’s and is a LI running legend and it’s great to see her determination and grit on full display as she works the course!

We also had the December Warriors of the Month celebration with the honor going to Michael DiBartolo and Debra Miccio-Franchi who worked together all month to do what it took to take away the trophy. Make sure Mike gets a chance to take it out on the town a few times Deb!!

And we finished up by celebrating our January birthday warriors with some sweets compliments of Joanne Sharon Styles , Nancy Moritz LaFleur, Christine Thorp and Chris Mozer.

Hope all of you will be back to enjoy the hills again real soon!

Warriors Receive GLIRC Awards

Warriors Receive GLIRC Awards

Tonight I attended the Greater Long Island Running Club’s annual awards meeting for 2013. The following Selden Hills Warriors received well deserved recognition:

Most Improved Runners for 2013 went to Jim Freiss and Michael Fernandez!! Terrific job gentlemen!

The Club Champion Silver Medal Winner was Wil Widman!

The first place age group winners were Lisa Bonanni, Andrea SchieckSongen, Todd Rowley, Linda Ottaviano and Yvonne Leippert.

Lots of hard work…and HILLS!….brought them all these wonderful achievements. You all deserve to take a bow!!

Let’s see what the hills and dedicated training will bring to the rest of us for 2014.


Central Islip High School track runners get free sneakers from club

Central Islip High School track runners get free sneakers from club

Dozens of track runners from Central Islip Senior High School were outfitted with thousands of dollars worth of free sneakers Monday, courtesy of a donation from a local running club.

The Greater Long Island Running Club, which has 4,600 members across the Island, paid about $7,000 for 90 pairs of running shoes for the district’s boys’ and girls’ team members.

Read the entire article from Newsday.com

And don’t forget to become a member of Long Island’s largest running club!