Where do I begin?

Yesterday’s event was even better that I imagined! The enthusiasm and excitement of all involved was apparent from 6AM right through the finish! A tremendous job by the Raceawesome team and all the volunteers….many who are SHW’s themselves which made the race even more special.
There were too many terrific individual performances to recount here. Those who were there witnessed every one of them. So what I would like to do to recap this race is provide an overall picture of how our group as a whole did on our home course.
For starters I counted 112 SHW’s competing out of the 233 finishers. That’s 48% of the total. So we were WELL represented for sure!!
Secondly, the top 9 women…that’s NINE! Overall were Selden hillbillies!! Fabulous job ladies!!!
18 of the first 21 women to cross the finish line were Warriors and 21 of the top 32 men did the same.
The stat that jumped out at me the most however were all the age groups that we swept!! Even though awards were not handed out to third place I included third place finishes in the mix because that is what is traditionally done in road racing.
The women had 4 sweeps including the 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, and 55-59. Awesome job ladies!!!
The men had 3 sweeps of the age groups first through third. 35-39, 50-54 and 55-59. The 50-54 age group also went six deep with all of the men breaking the 50 minute mark!! How about that!!?

Finally 23 of the 28 awards handed out for the women were taken by Selden Hills Warriors. 21 of 33 were taken by the men. That’s 44 of the 61 awards overall in the race taken by the red and white!! 72% of the total.

And our two eldest Warriors Joe Lazzaro at age 70 and Helma Clavin at age 72 both took first with Joe doing so with a time of 53:50!!
Excellent job by all who were involved!!

Corey Roberts you should be proud of the job you and your staff did yesterday! And in speaking with you you have some even bigger and better ideas for next years race which is already scheduled for 8/21/16!!

Keep running them hills everyone!!!


Meatgrinder Recap

Submitted by Michelle Rizzo-Berg

Today! 6 Warriors decided to take on the task of joining other Warriors for what has been dubbed the Selden Hills “Meat Grinder 20K” course. With 5 water bottles and this time 2, yes 2 backpacks, we were on our way. What some of the others may not have known, was that these 7 warriors were taking on the task of adding additional flat miles before and after the hills! As we began our journey, we ascended up the hills of Adirondack, tackling each mile with confidence. We galloped up Rosemont smiling and as we heading up Berkshire we started to wonder what was up ahead. Though one never knows what they will discover on the hills and today it was a drunk man at the edge of his driveway passed out with his pants off and ass hanging out. We saw him move, so we knew he probably just tied one on the night before and we headed on our way. As we went to turn left on Bluepoint, what we thought at first was a mirage was actually the long flowing locks of Rick. He graciously handed us water and we were once again on our way. We found the mysterious cardboard sign sending us right onto the side streets of the hills and “oh no” we were lost. We had no idea which street to turn on!!! We of course paid zero attention to Lou’s directions. Or actually, we didn’t retain any of the info. Thankfully 2 of the Magnificent 7 were near and they guided us in the right direction. THANK YOU. As we headed south again on Bluepoint we saw what we thought was another mirage but we were so thrilled to see the SH flag and find Lou, Gills and Mary waving us in and provided us with delicious treats. Then, we got the horrible news. We had to head up portion road and then turn right onto another street and once we completed that loop we were to head back south AGAIN to pass Lou for the Slaughterhouse wrap around. WTF??? At that point I think we all wondered who had the bright idea to do this!!! Oh, and I forgot to mention, we had a newbie with us!!!! Though I’m pretty sure she won’t speak to any of us anymore. So, as we passed Lou (AGAIN) we were onto our final leg. Up north on Bluepoint we went and then, ugh, the dreaded turn off onto the final and last loops. As we were heading towards them we see john Oakley casually strolling out of locust onto his decent to the pole. We turn onto Laurel, we pass the plastic “slow down” people, “OMG, we know the end is near”…the ugly lion statues…almost there. Samantha REALLY must hate us twice as much! Finally, we get back onto Bluepoint and we take it to the end! 12.5 miles, done! Oh. and 3 of us went back out for two more miles after we started at 5am for the first 2. Today, the “Superb Six” completed the Slaughterhouse Sausage Meat grinder 12.5 plus 4 more 16 mile total run! We survived.

Inaugural Run for the Hill of It–Postponed Due to Weather

Inaugural Run for the Hill of It–Postponed Due to Weather

It’s been a tough winter, and as of March 29th, it has not let up! Although we were all excited to race on our own turf, Race Awesome made the decision that the course was unsafe for all involved.

All registrants will be transferred to the rescheduled date which is yet to be determined.

Thank you to Corey of Race Awesome for his efforts in putting the race together and for his excellent communication leading up to the cancellation.

Stay tuned for updates!

Sign Up for March Madness!

Are you ready for some real “March Madness!?”
As you know the Selden Hills will be front and center for the inaugural “Run For The Hill Of It” 10K road race on Sunday March 29th. However there is another iconic race that weekend that has been and will continue to be an integral part of the Long Island running calendar. The Aspire 10K race in Plainview will be held on Saturday morning, March 28th. It is a race that brings out the best of the best of Long Island’s running community every March. It not only is a challenging 10K course but it is a race that is part of the USATF Grand Prix series of races as well as a race that is part of the Greater Long Island Running Clubs’s Championship Series of races. Many of you will run the first two two races in this series, the SRC 10Mile Run to the Brewery and the Kings Park 15K. So why not make a triple play!

The Selden Hills Warriors and GLIRC have decided that anyone who runs BOTH 10K races that weekend should be acknowledged! A snazzy certificate indicating you completed both races on 3/28 and 3/29/15 bearing the logos of both races will be awarded to those that do the work. These two courses are not easy by any means and accomplishing this will be no easy task for many. But runners love a challenge so make the last weekend in March your personal “March Madness 10K Weekend”!! And if you would prefer to run one and volunteer at the other please consider volunteering at one or the other and cheer your friends on to running glory!!

So sign up and get ready to “Go Mad”!!!!!