Saturday Spotlight- Veronica Morabito-Weeks

Name: Veronica Morabito-Weeks
Age: 59
Current Town: Brightwaters
Originally from: Bern, Switzerland
Married for 26 years and have one son who is graduating from college in May
Occupation: 5th grade teacher in Hauppauge for 23 years in a co-teaching classroom with Tara Dungate
Pets: (you name it, I’ve got it) horse,
2 Newfoundlands, African gray, sugar gliders, snakes, etc.
Hobbies/passions: running, horseback riding, horse racing partnerships, all things related to nature, rescuing any animal in need.

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Saturday Spotlight- Danielle Calcara

Name: Danielle
Current Town: Farmingville (So close to our beloved hills ♥️)
Age: 31
Occupation: HR Specialist
Family: Boyfriend of almost 5 years
Pets: Chleo & Chloe. 2 sister cats we adopted from Kent 🐈🐈
Hobbies: Triathlon stuff, hiking around Long Island and Upstate with Jess Ica ,cooking, reading, finding good coffee shops ☕.

Yikes where do I start? Thank you Lou LaFleur for inviting me to talk about myself for a whole week! This is nerve wracking for someone who doesn’t like being the center of attention but I’ll try my best, and I’m happy to share a bit of myself with you all!

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Saturday Spotlight- Tara Dungate

Name: Tara Dungate
Age: 32
Marital Status: Married
“Kids”: 3 Boxers (AKA The Pigs), Lily (6), Ivy (5), Pepper (9 months)
Occupation: 5th Grade Special Education Inclusion Teacher
Hobbies: Running, antiquing (“junkin”), gardening, playing with the pups
Hometown: Sayville, NY
Current Town: Bayport, NY

Wow, warrior of the week! What an honor, thank you hillbillies! I must thank Jenn Saltzman for introducing me to the hills. She told my co-teacher and I about this wonderful, supportive group of runners, about how this group changed her life, now I get it. I guess I’ll start by describing my first experience running the hills. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Christine Wesnofske

Name: Christine Wesnofske
Age: 40
Occupation: 6th Grade Math Teacher
Hobbies: Running, Working Out, Traveling, Gardening, Spending time at the beach, Attending Sporting Events, Working too much
Pets: 2 rescue dogs- Lucky and Bailey
Hometown: Central Islip
Current Town: Central Islip

Hello all👋🏼……. I’m so honored to have been chosen by Lou as the Warrior of the Week. And super nervous about it as well!!! Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Laura Fabrizi

Name: Laura Fabrizi
Marriage Status: Married 19 years
Children: James 18, Analiese 15
Occupation: Kindergarten Aide
Hobbies: Reading, cooking/baking, scrapbooking and, of course, running!
Hometown: Deer Park
Current Town: Lake Grove

I will start off by saying that I cannot believe I said “yes” to this, but I’ve learned you can’t say no to Lou LaFleur…lol
I appreciate this opportunity but I hope that I do not bore you all to death. Writing, in general is not my forte, and neither is telling things about myself, but here we go… Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Gail Miranda

Name : Gail Miranda
Hometown : Staten Island
Current town:Hampton Bays
Aka: Turtlegirl (not cause I’m slow)
Occupation: Registered Dental Hygienist
Family: Husband Frank 4 Kids ( 1 girl and 3 boys ) also amazing Son in law and future daughter in law
Pet: Turtle
Random fact: I sang in an Opera when I was 9 years old!
Hobbies:running(duh) cooking bowling dancing genealogy biking traveling playing the piano reading shooting at the gun range

“Look out ‘cause here I come ….I’m not scared to be seen – I offer no apologies- This Is Me”
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