Saturday Spotlight- Kathleen Bates Sparacin

Name: Kathleen Bates Sparacin
Age: 36
Spouse: Rich Sparacin
Pets: THE BOYS… Buddy (6) and Jax (5)
Occupation: Music Teacher in Comsewogue
Hometown: West Sayville, NY
Current town: Holbrook, NY
Hobbies: Running, dogs, zumba, music, napping

Hello all! Thanks Lou LaFleur for asking me to be WOTW!

Here goes….

Like Rich Sparacin said in his WOTW, I too, was born a baby. I arrived on a cold Monday in February in the year of 1983. This explains my love for napping. I started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old and haven’t stopped since.

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Saturday Spotlight- Amanda Ponnwitz Videbaek

Name: Amanda Ponnwitz Videbaek
Age: 34
Hometown: Middle Island
Current Town: Holbrook
Occupation: Staffing Analyst, former English Teacher
Married: 10 months & 18 days to the love of my life for the last 13+ years
Hobbies: listening to music, playing both table top and video games, cooking & baking, and obviously 🏃🏻‍♀️

Hi there! 👋🏼
I’d like to start by thanking Lou for considering me worthy enough to be a Warrior of the Week. When he first reached out in the spring, I was both surprised and honored to take part in this tradition. I was also a bit scared as I am a pretty quiet person who keeps to herself. But we all have to put ourselves out there eventually, right? So, here goes nothing!

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Saturday Spotlight- Johnathan Rush

Name: Johnathan Rush
Age: 31
Occupation: Full Time: Student / Part Time: Suffolk County Courts Security Officer
Martial Status: Engaged!
Home Town: Bay Shore, NY
Current Residence: Bay Shore, NY
Hobbies: Beer drinking and howling at the moon!!🐺🐺
Good morning hillbilly’s!! So it all begin on October 26, 1987 my mother gave birth to a healthy boy!! ME, lol. I was raised by my strong and loving grandmother and aunts and uncle. While I was was growing up my mother was around but due to her sickness was unable to raise me. My father was a deadbeat and left us at the age of 2. But lucky for me I had two great uncles to help raise me to the man I am today. In school I played football and basketball, but wasn’t the greatest.

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Saturday Spotlight- Munira Fuhrmann

My running journey started the summer before I went to college. My older sister invited me for a jog with her, and from that day I was hooked. Running felt hard but after the run I felt like I could handle anything. Certainly there were many things in my life over which I had no control; running gave me control of my body. In addition to discipline, it gave me perspective to take control of what was in my control and over what mattered for me in a long-term. I have one body, one me. I could leave it to chance or see what it was capable of.Escaping from aftermath of war in Bosnia at 17 years old was more traumatic than living through the war itself.

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Saturday Spotlight- Mike Josiah

***Saturday Spotlight*** Name: Mike Josiah, Age: 59, Marriage Status: Married 32 years, Occupation: Technical Director at Uninet Imaging in Yaphank. Originally from Levittown. No children, 4 cats. Current town is North Patchogue. My other Hobby besides running is Woodturning. (I make bowls/vases/platters etc. out of firewood)
As it has been said before, this is a bit on the scary side, but here goes.

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