Selden Hills Warrior Training

The Course

A 10K training run consisting of an abundance of hills both steep, long and rolling. For runners who want to challenge themselves as well as train to run faster and longer. Don’t be afraid…they don’t bite!

Check out the original Selden Hills map, created by Rich Hollman:

Original Map

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Be sure to note that the start and finish is in the Selden Thrift parking lot. Start via exiting Middle Country Road. Finish by entering the parking lot from Blue Point and continuing to the pole.

Map Arrows

Map Credit: Michael Irizarry

Be sure to note that the official start and finish it at the pole near the parking.
Map Credit: Michael Irizarry


  1. Hi! I would like to join the Wed. night runs at 4:30. I am coming from Westhampton Beach. I am not very familiar with the Selden/Blue Point area so could you give me directions to where to meet for the run?

    Thank you!
    Jackie Beattie

    • Hi Jackie! The easiest directions are to take the LIE to exit 62, Nichols Road. Take Nichols Road north and exit at 25, Middle Country Road. Make a right to travel east on Middle Country Road. Continue until you see Selden Thrift on your right. You could take North Ocean Ave, but then you would have to make a left and it would be more difficult…Looking forward to having you join the group!

  2. I would like to join one of the super early morning runs(is there a day that there are people out around 5?) which days during the week do people do this course?

    • We have a regular ‘vampire’ group that runs Wednesday mornings. Are you on the Facebook group? If so, contact Christina Taborsky for more details.

  3. What time are your early runs and what is the usual distance?

    • The classic course is the 10k and Sunday at 8am is the typical group run these days. We do have a group of ‘vampires’ that go out Wednesday mornings at 5am if you’re into that! For more info contact Lou at

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