Saturday Spotlight- Robyn Kenul

Robyn Kenul
31 years young
Multi-Distance Runner
Passionate plant-based eater
Live with my boyfriend in Nesconset
From Colorado Springs, Colorado
Went to College at Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado
Studied Culinary Arts and Culinary Nutrition
Dietetic Internship at Stony Brook University
Current Occupation: Registered Dietitian at ShopRite in Selden
Love listening to the Rich Roll Podcast when I run, or audio books about runners 

I just realized that this is starting to look like a resume. Totally not my intention. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Larissa Zuclich

Name: Larissa Zuclich
Nickname: Lala
Age: 32
From: Goiania, Brazil
Live currently: Saint James
Occupation: Housewife
School: Stony Brook University
Married: Robert Zuclich
Children: Summer (3)
Stepchildren: Taylor (14)
Dog: mini golden doodle named (buddy)

I didn’t know I was going to be here on the spot lol.. I didn’t know I was going to be asked for my biography but here I am. Let’s starts, I grew up in a small town in Brazil and spent most of my childhood years moving around. I probably moved around about 7 times in 12 years. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Christopher Schreiber

Name: no alias; I’m me
Age: 50
Hometown: Queens (Kew Gardens)
Current: Kings Park
Spouse: Maki (married 24 yrs), two boys John (18) & Nick (16)
Pets: Two dogs, Ken and Toshi-Hime (both Shiba Inu)
Occupation: Accountant

As a manager at a CPA firm running is the only thing that keeps me sane through my busy season (at this point it doesn’t end ever). My wife learned long ago to just let me go off and get my run in (she’s more than welcome to come along but as a former swimmer running is torture to her). As I finished college, studied for the CPA exam, got married, bought a house, had kids…this is how I feel human. Even when I’m sick, I have to get out for a run.  Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Stacy Keyes

Name: Stacy Keyes
Age: 43 (9.16.75)
Hometown: East Meadow, NY
Current Town: East Meadow NY (Lived in Long Beach 2009-2010)
Marital Status: never married in a relationship
Children –Kali Keyes (18)
Pets: dog, bird, tortoise, rabbit
Favorite Kicks: still searching – Brooks, mizuno – still figuring out the footwear

So like others who Lou approached I was shocked, honored, excited and intimated all at the same time when asked to be the WOTW. Why me? But when I sent a text to Maria she said we all get a turn and this will be yours! Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Kelly Carey

Name: Kelly Carey
Age: 23
Hometown: Holbrook
Current Town: Holbrook
Occupation: Analyst
Pets: Mika (almost 1-year-old miniature labradoodle)

I will start by saying that I am not very good at talking about myself, even though I REALLY know how to talk. Get me on a “good” day and I will talk about anything for an unnecessarily long amount of time. I’m basing this off of Lisa Sala and Keri Wylie’s posts because they brought me into the Warriors earlier this year and I try to follow in their footsteps with anything running related. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Stephanie Templeton

Name: Stephanie Templeton
Nickname: Steph
Age: of a certain…50+
From: Nassau County
Currently: Suffolk County
Marital Status: Married for a lotta years
Children: yes
Pets: dogs, cats, guinea pig, frogs, fish

I didn’t really know where I was going to begin with this, but then someone who I respect very much told me about one’s life being like a work of art. Let’s see if I can paint this picture. I grew up in a regular Long Island suburb. I always liked being active, so I took lots of swimming lessons, rode my bike all over, including to Jones beach, on a regular basis from my mid-teen years. I wasn’t into competitive sports. After high school, I immediately joined a gym, and haven’t been without a membership since, which is more than 30 years! I like being active because it makes me feel good. I also started running right after high school. My first races were some local 5ks, the Long Island Half Marathon, and Cow Harbor 10k. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Mikey Allen

Mikey Allen
Age: 40
Hometown: Brentwood, NY
Current town: Patchogue, NY
Wife: Jaime Allen
Kid: Ruby (3yrs)
Work: Local 200 Plumber

I was a dorky kid. My sister, Julie (two yrs older than me), used to make me play school every day when she got home. She’d teach me what she learned that day, and she was a damned effective teacher. When my time came around, Brentwood North Elementary and my folks thought it would be a good idea to let me complete the first grade in two weeks and then scoot down the hall a bit to second grade. Red-haired & freckled & short & dorky & my parents dressed me funny & I’m two weeks late & I’m a year younger than everybody else. Oh, it’s gonna be all blue skies and rainbows for young Mikey! Honestly, it could have been worse. Read more