Saturday Spotlight- Kristine Densing

Name:Kristine Densing


Fiancee:Steven Lutz

Children:Casey Lyn,19 & Lauren Anne,16

Occupation:United States Postal Service 15 years

Volunteer Police Officer with SCPD


I have had many bright lights shined upon me in my lifetime that I am grateful for. The last 38 years of my life has been quite a whirlwind… I wouldn’t change a thing about the roads taken so far and I embrace each step with appreciation. Lou Lafleur has asked me to consider to be this week’s Saturday Spotlight and without a doubt I not only felt compelled to reflect on my life for my own wellbeing but most of all I felt I owed it to my team to see where I have been and where I am heading. I owe this to myself and also the friends and community I hold so dear in my life The Selden Hill Team.
Let me give it to ya straight from the heart.

A Jerry Maguire moment Kristine Densing here it goes…
Born on October 14th 1976 to Stephen and Karen Densing… along with some pretty lovable siblings Stephen, Keith & Jacqueline. Being the baby of the family definitely had its advantages and disadvantages. For some strange reason they never wanted to include me with all of the grown up stuff. I found myself an l lot of times solo and figuring out ways to entertain myself. Some hobbies included biking, music, art, reading and none other than running! I always loved as a child to keep moving; I couldn’t keep still. Some things never change as I am the same as I was back then. I have yet to sit through a dozen films in the last 10 years since I either have to be in a movie theater eating popcorn or I have to be a sleep in front of a TV! I belonged to as many outside teams as I could before reaching the 7th grade when I then was able to try out for every sport I could. There just was something about the smell of the fall, the grass we would cut across to get to the soccer fields, the great chats we would have before and after practice. My favorite part of it was actually conquering a tournament or a game and taking the bus ride home with victory! You couldn’t get us girl’s to stop giggling and talking for the entire time on those bus rides! It wasn’t always peaches and cream for me as a young child. My parents divorced after 20 years by the time I was 12 years of age. That being said it was one roller coaster ride after another. By the time I was 16 I moved around nine times until I then moved in with my older sister back on L.I. this is when I met my then husband Jay. At age 16 I was set to aboard a roller coaster doozy and while it was a great marriage over all in the beginning many obstacles got in our way that we just could not get passed. I wanted so badly to create the life I always wanted as a young girl but instead I was building on a life that was once again torn with addiction that no one could change but one self. Two most precious gifts are my daughters’ Casey and Lauren Hansen. Casey and Lauren have given me so much support and motivation that I could not have been able to go this far without them. These feelings I have will never go unnoticed for I am a broken record in reminding them each and every day. I felt I was not able to do anyone justice by living a life that was not appearing on the outside as I felt on the inside. Living in fear, not knowing the future and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. Substance abuse played out a major role throughout my entire life so far with family members I hold so dear. Losing my best friend to a drug overdose by the time she was 21& coping with family with alcoholism was a task I still am battling to understand. (Side track) one of my most favorite songs to run with is Billy Joel ‘ Pressure ‘ for a lot of what I was going through was all about pressure. Raising daughters for over 9 years alone can have its crusades but definitely rewarding. While aging is inevitable and when we look in the mirror at time and ask ourselves, “Hey, that wrinkle wasn’t there yesterday?” we all have to manage the aging process… I must admit that by aging I am enjoying every minute of understanding life each and every day. I have already have been able to pin point why it was that I ran around for miles on end and was asked often by my Father at the dinner table ” Kris, where are you going after dinner? Why do you ride your bike round and round in circles in our neighborhood?” This is a question I now can answer for myself and knowing that you all understand, helps me realize I am never alone. Running helped me then as a young child and now as a middle aged adult keep my sanity. It is the medicine I need to stay alive and continue to be healthy. Some need that next fix of an abusive substance and for me it’s running. I thought I was going insane for many years of my life and just realized its okay to reach for that apple. LOL … there are people in the world that find peace and happiness in a dungeon… I long to feel the sunshine on my skin, the blue skies to look above, swim the deep blue sea… You get my drift. I would not have it any other way. Waking up at the crack of dawn to run with my vampire friends is all I ever want. I am grateful for all of the ole timers from Bayport that for years saw me out there running Middle Road and suggested that I join GLIRC. I am grateful for the night I chose to take a moment for myself to call Lou and inquire about a meet up with friends for running. I am grateful for that very day when I ran with some of my coolest friends now April Matarasso Rosequist, Linda Festa, Rob Festa and Nancy Russo. I knew from the very 1st day I arrived at those hills I was home.
Ultimately, as thunder rolled and lightening continues in certain aspects of my life I am especially pleased that the storms still do. I behold the lessons I have been solemn with, the several times I have been knocked down & the courage; ability it took to only get back up even stronger! Pursuing most of my dreams and goals have surpassed for example hopes to create a family unit, being able to devote time to our community as an Auxiliary Police Officer, rebuilding our home from the ground level up to have special memories to may have come in a diverse of forms for us but they have come nonetheless. Our health, shelter, food, peace, love & happiness has been all I have ever longed for. With all of these gifts we have received I will never take them for granted. I owe it to each and every person I crossed paths with along the way. I am the healthiest I have been in the last 38 years of my life and I will continue to be. Thank you to all of those seven demanding hills I climbed for a good year until I met my now best friend and soon to be husband Steven Lutz. I will maintain my positive attitude for each step that has guided me home. The Selden Hill Team has been able to bring me back to a time of my life when I was most safe, never feeling alone and always being able to rely on friends that adore you unconditionally. Thanks for everything Selden Hills…what can I say “I love you rockstars!!!”

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