Saturday Spotlight- Amy Briller Pierce

Name: Amy Briller Pierce
Occupation: Dental assistant
Married to: Lee Pierce
Stepdaughters: Danielle, 25 Brittney, 20
Canine kids: Wally, 11 Zoe, 2
Hello friends! When Lou asked me to be Warrior of the week , I was honoured & surprised. I’m really a regular running girl with no amazing backstory. I thought about writing,” I love to eat so I run. The end.” Lou send this is really for the group to get to know you , so here goes!
Those of you that do know me , know I love to run. I have a hard time waking up early but love early morning runs. I think I have “selective wake-up-ness.” I love to eat, healthfully, and am extremely disciplined in my routine. I love all things frogs & wear full on glitter eyemakeup for all my races.
I grew up in Lake Grove to Don & Sharyn Briller. My dad was actually an early a.m runner. I have an older sister by 2 1/2 yrs to the date. My parents split when I was 11 & I haven’t seen my dad since 1987. My sister had alot of emotional problems & ultimately left too when she was 19. A fun , random Amy fact is that from k-9 I went to 3 different Hebrew schools. Yes, Hebrew school. I was completely fluent in Hebrew until the age of about 15. Now I can’t put 2 words together but can read & write it. By this age , the burden of keeping me in private school is too much for my mom. I landed the last 3 yrs of high school at Centereach. I even ran track!! I stunk & hated it but ran it for one season.
My Mom & I grew very close over the years. I used to cut class to go meet her at the gym. Imagine? Lol Wanting to be a dentist but not sure about college, I took dental assisting my senior year at Boces. Had I known then what I know now, I wouldve headed to Cali to become a yoga instructor or open an organic sandwich shop. The only college I have is 2 semesters of German at suffolk.
I love to travel. I have been to Iceland , Sweden & England with my mom , & my hisband took me to Australianfor my 40th. Talk about a running dream come true! Running through Sydney & the Red Centre! I could go on all day about that!
I have the greatest stepdaughters on earth. Danielle , my oldest , has been a running inspiration to me, my best friend, & I received the greatest honour of my life being her Mother of the Bride this october. I have been married for 10 yrs to Lee, my best friend & soulmate. My 2 Wheatens , Wally & Zoe are my babies & I love them to death.
Truth be told , I have only been running since 2009. I’ve probaly logged more ‘mill miles until this past fiscal year. I run to burn calories but I do love it. I wish I had some amazing story to share. I am so happy to be part of this group & I have made some amazing friends! I have all week to blather on about some of my adventures & how I got to be part of this wonderful group! Thanks for reading! Good luck at the Brewery tommorow but psssh , you won’t need it! Warriors!

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