Selden Hills Warrior Training

September 16, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Ray Downes

Name: Ray Downes
Age: 46
Hometown: Limerick, Ireland
Current Town: Huntington
Previous Towns: Prague Czech Republic, Newbury UK, Singapore, Utrecht Holland
Marital Status: Married to Janet (19 years)
Occupation: Tech Company Executive – CEO at KEMP Technologies (HQ NYC, founded on Long Island)

I was not looking forward to the conversation I needed to have with my wife Janet. After all it had only been a year since I took up a role working in my hometown of Limerick which had me based on Irish soil for the first time in over 14 years. Continue Reading →

September 2, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Rafael Molina

Name: Rafael Molina (aka Rafa)
Age: 42
Home town: Shirley
Children: Pablo 19, Dulce 17, Dario 16
Single Dad
Occupation: Facilitated Enroller (health insurance)

Hello Friends,
I was born in El Salvador to a very humble catholic family, I’m the middle child of three, I have two sisters (not runners) I grew up in a small village where everyone knows everybody, attended school from first grade to part of high school, I didn’t have the chance to graduate, I started to work when I was 16 in a telecommunications company, but in order to work there I had to be at least 18, so my friend helped me to get the job. (I won’t get into details how he did it)  Continue Reading →

August 26, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Sarah Schaefer

Name: Sarah Schaefer
Age: 28
Hometown: Sayville
Current Town: Bohemia
Marital Status: In a relationship
Pets: My cat, Henry.
Occupation: Program Coordinator, Peconic Estuary Program
Most of you probably don’t know me at all! And that’s the great thing about this WOTW…at the end of this week you will know too much about me, or at the least just learn that I am older than I look! Continue Reading →

August 19, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Erik Haughn

Name: Erik Haughn
Age: 28
Hometown: Port Jefferson Station
Marital Status: Single
Pets: A German Shepherd named Abby
Occupation: Special Education Teacher
I’ve only ever had to describe myself in writing once for a psych paper in college but as you all know I like writing long, corny or sappy posts so here goes nothing… Continue Reading →

July 29, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Michael Flaherty

When I initially became a Warrior and learned of the designation of WOTW, my immediate thought was, “I will never participate.” For one thing, I tend to be a private person and, further, my story is neither very interesting nor unique. What changed my mind was seeing how much Lou does for us. I decided if the request was ever made, there was no way I could say no to him. Additionally, the former WOTWs I know have found the experience to be liberating and cathartic. So, for better or for worse, here is my story… Continue Reading →

July 22, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Kelly Gudice

Saturday Spotlight!!
Sorry a day late, but I had a problem with copy and paste! Anyway.. My name is Kelly Redmond Gudice. I am 43 years old, soon to be 44. I am a Nurse Practitioner at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, (cardiology department). I am married to an NYPD detective Joe Guidice, and we have 3 runners-in-training, Emily (13), Elizabeth (10), and Erin (7). I grew up in Shirley, NY. Continue Reading →

July 8, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Kerri Wyllie

Name: Keri Wyllie (AKA: one of those “Flower Girls”)
Age: 30
Hometown: Centereach
Current Town: Kew Gardens
Marital Status: Engaged to the “College Sweetheart”
Pets: Thorin, my puggle
Occupation: Lab Manager, adjunct instructor
I haven’t been a runner for very long. Early in 2014, I was overweight, pretty unhappy in general, and turning 27 which for some reason just was not all right with my mind. My father had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, my mother had just gotten through pretty rough time with diverticulitis and I didn’t want to end up with either of those things in my future. So I decided to finally lose weight and get into better shape to try and prevent that. Continue Reading →