Saturday Spotlight- Denise Marie

Name: Denise Marie
Aka: “The Empanada Maker” / “The Baker”
Age: 35
Current Town: Center Moriches
Marital Status: Single
Pets: 1 African Pygmy Hedgehog (Mr. Miyagi) & 1 Umbrella Cockatoo (Scooter)
Occupation: Assistant Director of SMI Housing for Nassau & Suffolk County. Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Certified School Counselor
Hobbies: Running, Reading, Journaling, Collecting Coffee Mugs, Drinking Coffee, Traveling, Exploring Abandon Places, Virtual Challenges, Baking/Cooking

Random Fact? I currently have the chorus to that song “Who’s That Girl” by Eve stuck in my head…Lalalalalalala…

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Saturday Spotlight- Heather Riddiough

Name: Heather Riddiough
Age: 41
Nickname:Umm Heather(original right lol)
Marriage Status: Married with 3 kids 12, 9, and 6
Home Town: Baldwinsville NY(Syracuse area)
Current Town: Massapequa NY
Favorite Races: NYC Marathon, Ironman Lake Placid
Occupation: Physical Education Teacher 17 years short at Calhoun HS
College: Hofstra University

First of all I’m so honored to have been chosen for this and am nervous! I know some of you and am always inspired by everyones story and posts of their runs. I apologize this is a late post in the day as I literally just got home from too much fun at the Brewery Run!
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Saturday Spotlight- Marty Harte

Name: Marty Harte
Age: 46
Hometown: St. James, NY
Current Town: West Islip

Family: Wife: Karen Harte 4 Children- Cameron(14),Ryan(13), Megan(11),Madison (11) & Maisy (our choc lab)

Greetings everyone and thanks Lou for the invite to be WOTW. Seemed like a great idea when you first asked and now I’m a bit terrified. As a weekend runner, I’m humbled by the many great athletes in this group who accomplish so many great things each week; heck I’m even married to one 😜

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Saturday Spotlight- William O’Dwyer

Name: William O’Dwyer
Age : 37
Nickname: Will
Marriage Status: Married
Job: Technology Operations (Financial Services)
Home Town: Stony Brook, NY
Current Town: Huntington NY
Favorite Races: Cow Harbor 10k, Brooklyn Half Marathon, NYC Marathon
Running Claim to Fame: Park Bench 5k race starts, I’m running down the right hand side the of the street, middle aged women steps out with camera, we collide. Read more