Saturday Spotlight- Anthony Ricci

Name: Anthony Carl Ricci III
Nicknames: The Flash, Captain America
Age: 33
Hometown: Copiague, NY (and still here)
Parents: Anthony & Cynthia
Siblings: Nick, 30 & Troy, 22
Marital Status: Married to my beautiful wife Renee
Pet: Thor, Newfoundland/Black Lab, almost 2 year old “puppy”
Preferred App: RunKeeper
Preferred Sneakers: Nike
Instagram: @wholeflash

Early Life-
I came into this world on April 26, 1984 at 11:44pm in Good Samaritan Hospital. For all the mothers out there, I was a piece of cake; only 22 hours of labor! The first 3 years were between Levittown and Brooklyn and then my parents rented a house in the small town of Copiague. Most people ask where it is—between Lindenhurst and Amityville, or just about as far south and west as you can go in Suffolk County. They have since bought and renovated that house and I lived there up until last April when I moved in with my wife, but we’ll get to that later. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Carol Nicosia

Name: Carol Nicosia (Cirota)
Age: 31
Hometown: Mastic Beach, NY
Current City: Blue Point, NY
Marital Status: Married to my HS sweetheart John for 7.5 years (together for half our lives)
Children: Alyssa 5; Joseph 2.5
Pets: Frankie Sinatra Nicosia (long hair dachshund) & Chester A Arthur Nicosia (long hair mini dachshund)
Occupation: HS Science Teacher

I honestly should be posting this at like 420AM when I wake up to vamp with my turtles but it’s Saturday I’m sleeping in before my children come find me. This sentence, a year ago, would have made absolutely no sense to me but things change don’t they? Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Christine Hammer

Name : Christine Hanmer
Age: 46
Status: Single, 2 daughters 11 & 9
Hometown: Hauppauge
Pets: None now
Occupation: HR Manager at Ridgewoood Savings Bank
2nd Occupation: Beachbody Coach

So happy I could be the first Warrior of the Week of 2018.

I have only been running with the group since last March and I haven’t gone out in The Hills as much as I would have liked, due to scheduling and childcare conflicts, but hopefully you will see me a lot more this year. I signed up for a thousand mile club as one of my goals this year so I am determined to get in the miles. Read more

Warrior of the Year 2017

Now the moment we have waited 365 days for!

The crowning of our 2017 Selden Hills Warriors of the YEAR!

So many miles through all kinds of weather day after day, month after month.

On the men’s side we congratulate Mark Ogden! He ran 1701.4 miles on our various hills courses! A simply amazing job and a well deserving winner!

On the ladies side, well the drama here was whether two time winner Debra Miccio-Franchi could put in the miles in her last month to surpass the lead built up by Triin Lawrence who left town mid month on holiday. It was epic to watch her go out day after day with her posse putting in those miles in all kinds of weather. Mostly frigid weather this past week!
But get it done she did! To the tune of 796.9 miles on the hills of Selden. Outlasting Triin by 9.9 miles and taking her third consecutive WOTY Award!
To top it off she also was our Warrior of the Month winner with a total of 170.5 miles in the Month of December!

Congratulations to the both of you!
Details on the WOTY award presentation will be forthcoming next week.
Put 2017 into the SHW archives!
We move on to see what special moments we will create in the coming year starting today!!

Saturday Spotlight- Rachel Dengel

Name: Rachel Dengel
Age: 42
Hometown: Dix Hills
Current town: East Rockaway (not Far Rockaway, EAST Rockaway)
Marital Status: Married (Steve)
Children: Maximilian (Max) age 10; Madelyn (Maddie) age 7
Pets: No way Jose!
Occupation: 6th Grade teacher

Hello fellow hillbillies! I am a distant hillbilly who travels an hour once a month or so to get on those mean crazy hills! So, I admire those who frequent the hills, while I am thankful to live in flat south shore Nassau County. Read more

Warrior of the Year Update

We are in the final month of the year and the Warrior of the Year competition for 2017 is still up for grabs. Although Triin Lawrence and Mark Ogden have comfortable leads they are still within reach!
So until we reach the finish line on 12/31 and award plaques to our 4th winners in the male and female divisions I would like to salute those hillbillies who have made the top 10 in their respective end of year leaderboards each full year they have been in our group.

KC Brett, Debra Miccio-Franchi and John Greene have been in the top 10 hills mileage all 4 years we have had the WOTY competition, 2014-2017.
Now that’s consistency!!

Honorable mention goes to Debbi O’Connor Hole and Michael DiBartolowho have tallied 3 years and due to injury and surgery could not crack the top 10 this year. Hopefully you can make a new start in 2018!

Chrissy Miccio Thorp and Michael Oliveri who joined the SHW late in 2014 have both made top 10 in the 3 years they were members for the full year, 2015-2017.
And Mark Ogden has made top 10 in the two full years he has been in the group 2016-2017.

Being consistent on the hills takes some luck, avoiding injury being the biggest challenge, but besides being able, being willing is also a big part of that. Through all the heat of summer and cold of winter these Warriors kept going out there and getting the work in!

Let these folks be your role models for 2018 as we reset the clock to zero on January 1st.
Kudos to all of you!! 🏃🏃🏻‍♀️👏👏👏