Saturday Spotlight- Carolyn Hartmann VanWormer

Name | Carolyn Hartmann VanWormer
Nickname | Carebear
Age | 27
Marriage Status | Married
Occupation | Brand Marketing Campaign Manager
Hobbies | Tennis, Running, Sailing, and Traveling
Pet | Dexter (my handsome bulldog/beagle)
Hometown | Allentown, PA
Current Town | East Setauket, NY

First off – I would like to apologize for my late post. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be in a bridal party, and watch oldest brother Andrew marry his beautiful bride! I’m happy to report back that the wedding was a success. The food was good, the dancing was great, and the awkward family conversation was on point.

Anyhow, we aren’t here to talk about my brother’s wedding. We are here to talk about…well me. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Kristen Pagano

Name: Kristen Pagano (Acierno)
Age: 35
Marriage Status: Divorced
Occupation: HS Mathematics Teacher in South Country School District, and Math Instructor at Stony Brook University.
Hobbies: mathematics, baking, reading, yoga, lounging by the pool while someone waits on me and does my laundry and dishes (This list is what I would do in my free time should it become a reality. I am a single working mother. My kids and running are my hobbies and carefully crafting a schedule that gives me enough time to sleep.)
Kids: Audrey, 11, James, 9, Katherine (Katie) 7
Pets: Rat Terrier, Mocha, 14 years young; Cat, Ash, 16 months
Hometown: Marlboro, NY
Current Town: Mt. Sinai, NY

I think I really started running about 10 years ago. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Trisha Sicurella

Name: Trisha Sicurella ( maiden name Fasini)
From Massapequa 
Current town: Holbrook
Married 9 years
Kids: Lexie 7, Ryan 4
Pets: Spanky ( Boston terrier), Odie ( boxer, pit, bull mix)
Occupation: PE teacher in Hempstead at all kindergarten building 
Hobbies: painting furniture, photography, baking
Colleges: SUNY Farmingdale, Southern CT State U, Hofstra 
Recent Travels: camelback, Punta Canna & Hershey Park 🍫
Running 🏃🏻‍♀️ : ok where to start… Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Jaclyn Dagnall

Name: Jaclyn Dagnall
Nickame (s): Jac, Jax, Captain Jax, Dagz …Anything but Jackie!
Age: 30
From: Long Branch, NJ
Live Currently: Long Beach, NY
Occupation: Event Planner, Marketer, DJ and Professional T-Shirt Shooter 😝
School: Rutgers
Relationship Status: Occasionally spotted in public with Craig Alan
Pets: The Love of my Life, A Corgi Puppy named Dodger

I hate running. Especially really, really long distances. I prefer to spend my leisure time downing shots of Fireball, horseback riding on the beach and on Wednesday’s I lead a clothing-optional hot yoga class.

Just kidding. Thought I was Kevin Ford for a second there. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Amy Cooper

Name: Amy Cooper
Nickame (s): Coop, Super Coops, Aims
Age: 45
From: Islip, NY
Live Currently: Bay Shore, NY
Occupation: Admin Asst. at BNL
School: Slippery Rock University and St. Joesph’s College
Relationship Status: Single
Pets: Black Cat named Kuro Neko

First I didn’t think I would qualify as a Warrior of the Week because I’ve only been on the Hills once. But when Lou asks, you step out of your comfort zone and say yes.<–!more–>

So here goes, my name is Amy and I’ve lived on Long Island (with the exception of college) my whole life. I have travelled to several different countries in my lifetime (Great Britain, Japan, Spain) and my favorite place of all St. Croix.

I am an only child as well.

In high school I wasn’t labeled as being particularly athletic. I wasn’t a part of any sports teams and certainly not a runner.

One of my earliest memories however does involve my father training for the Suffolk Marathon in the mid to late 70’s. The route then was up I think Rte. 112 to Bald Hill and back. My father would run at least 7 miles in the morning before teaching and then another 8 after work. Our dog Amber in tow for all the runs. He finished the marathon and I do remember being on the side of the road cheering as he went by. Through his training the seasons changed and I remember the icicles on his beard and Moustache in the winter. That made running look miserable to me.

Fast Forward to 2015. I went through a few devastating events from 2010 through 2015 and by 2015 I had a ton of nervous energy and knew I needed to expend it to maintain my sanity. So I said I would try running. I started out attempting to run 2 minutes to see how it went. Once I succeeded at 2, I increased it to 5 minutes and now I run outside to train more than I had in the past.

Back in 2015 a friend from college contacted me to see if I would run in a local 5k race. If was only 5 months into my running journey but I said yes and finished in 38 minutes. (I’m a little bit faster now)

At several of the races I noticed the Selden Hills has a big presence. So I contacted Lou last year to find out how to be invited. He explained it to me and said to come down to the the lightpole and run. So for my New Year’s resolution this last year was to run the hills for the first time.

So that’s my bio. I look forward to sharing more through the week.

Saturday Spotlight- Robyn Kenul

Robyn Kenul
31 years young
Multi-Distance Runner
Passionate plant-based eater
Live with my boyfriend in Nesconset
From Colorado Springs, Colorado
Went to College at Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado
Studied Culinary Arts and Culinary Nutrition
Dietetic Internship at Stony Brook University
Current Occupation: Registered Dietitian at ShopRite in Selden
Love listening to the Rich Roll Podcast when I run, or audio books about runners 

I just realized that this is starting to look like a resume. Totally not my intention. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Larissa Zuclich

Name: Larissa Zuclich
Nickname: Lala
Age: 32
From: Goiania, Brazil
Live currently: Saint James
Occupation: Housewife
School: Stony Brook University
Married: Robert Zuclich
Children: Summer (3)
Stepchildren: Taylor (14)
Dog: mini golden doodle named (buddy)

I didn’t know I was going to be here on the spot lol.. I didn’t know I was going to be asked for my biography but here I am. Let’s starts, I grew up in a small town in Brazil and spent most of my childhood years moving around. I probably moved around about 7 times in 12 years. Read more