Saturday Spotlight- Mikey Allen

Mikey Allen
Age: 40
Hometown: Brentwood, NY
Current town: Patchogue, NY
Wife: Jaime Allen
Kid: Ruby (3yrs)
Work: Local 200 Plumber

I was a dorky kid. My sister, Julie (two yrs older than me), used to make me play school every day when she got home. She’d teach me what she learned that day, and she was a damned effective teacher. When my time came around, Brentwood North Elementary and my folks thought it would be a good idea to let me complete the first grade in two weeks and then scoot down the hall a bit to second grade. Red-haired & freckled & short & dorky & my parents dressed me funny & I’m two weeks late & I’m a year younger than everybody else. Oh, it’s gonna be all blue skies and rainbows for young Mikey! Honestly, it could have been worse. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Stephen Buckley

Name: Stephen Buckley
Age: 54
Hometown: Setauket, NY
Current City: East Setauket, NY
In a relationship with Beth Ann
Children: Patrick (25), Shannon (23) and Devon (17)
Occupation: Senior System Analyst (Computers)
Born June 10th, 1964 at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson

I want to start by thanking Lou for the invitation to share my story, the rest of the warriors for their warm welcome into this truly unique running group and last but not least Beth Ann🙂

First… a little about me and my journey. Read more

Selden Hills Warriors live for the uphill battle- Newsday article

Selden Hills Warriors live for the uphill battle- Newsday article

This article appeared in the September 5, 2018 issue of Newsday’s LI Life section

By John Hanc

Special to Newsday

Quadriceps pumping, breath labored with each agonizing step, the four runners — three men and a woman — made their way up the hill. Leaning forward into the steep grade, they looked like human slash marks arrayed along the margins of a page as they ground their way to the top.

After about three-tenths of a mile, they reached the summit and paused momentarily, gasping for air. The tidy ranch houses lining Rosemont Avenue were silent witnesses to their uphill battle — and their panting from the exertion was the only sound on this quiet Sunday morning

Kevin “K.C.” Brett, a 58-year-old runner and triathlete from Port Jefferson Station, gestured out to distant smudges of blue and brown on the horizon. “In the winter, you can see Fire Island from here,” he said.

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Saturday Spotlight- Sarah D’Amore

Name: Sarah D’Amore
Age: 45
Hometown: Oklahoma City
Current Town: Seaford
Husband: Husband, Michael (married 20 years in Oct.)
Daughter, Maria: 17
Pets: Cookie, 15 (Jack Russell), Teddy, 1 (Border Terrier mix rescue), Ellie, 8 (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that belonged to my mom)
Occupation: P/T Accountant

I was born & raised as an only child in Oklahoma City. My mom was a stay-at-home mom & my dad was an electrical engineer & graduate of the University of Oklahoma (Go Sooners!). I was lucky to grow up with a close relationship with both of my parents. My dad passed away in 2007 from complications from bladder cancer. My mom moved to New York to be closer to me about 3 years ago. After a short hospital stay this summer, she passed away on July 17. I’m still in shock. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Victor Pajonas

Saturday Spotlight:

Name: Victor Pajonas
Age: 53
Hometowns: Elmont/Valley Stream
Current Town: Seaford (22 years)
Marital Status: Married (Suzy)
Children: Samantha (21) & Victor (20)
Occupation: Title Insurance

I just got back from an easy 10k run in Merrick at Levy – the dump.
It was very nice to spend an hour with two very good friends that I would never have known if I didn’t run. Lou gave me many months notice for today, but here I am writing this up fresh and still sweaty.

I am the oldest in the family and there’s 7 of us now. You would think my parents would have stopped after my birth. When I was two years old, a surgeon removed and transplanted a few of my neck muscles. They tell me I was in a body cast during that whole summer. Throughout my life I have looked at this procedure as both absolutely nothing & a major event. Read more

Saturday Spotlight- Leslie Saunders-Simmons

Name: Leslie Leslie Saunders-Simmons
Nicknames: Red, Showgirl (rugby nickname)
Age: 37 (Scorpio)
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Current Town: Ronkonkoma
Occupation: Photographer
Marital Status: Married- 10 years
Children: 3 Girls (8 year old and twin 7 year olds)
PETS: a 7 month old Puppy, golden doodle named Jax
Favorite kicks: New Balance

I’m not sure where to start so I guess I will just dive right in with a little background. I grew up in Las Vegas and moved to the East coast in the middle of 8th grade, Salem MA. It was a hard move for me since my Dad stayed in Vegas as my parents were getting a divorce and I was leaving my friends. I went through a bit of rebellion period . . . and decided to try out for the High School Football team. Basically everyone made the team as long as they made it through a week long sleep over triple session camp and didn’t miss practice. I never missed a practice and did my best to keep up with the guys. I started out as a guard, Sophomore year a tackle, Junior year wide receiver and Senior Wide receiver and corner on defense. (As the guys got bigger I got smaller)I was in the gym lifting every day and got my free weights squats to 315 at the time. I stuck it out all 4 years and it was a pretty amazing experience looking back. I also played basketball (Eastern Mass champions) and softball. Read more



3rd Annual Family Night!

Grab your kids,
Grab your family,
Grab your friends

August 15th Wednesday 6PM

Start at the Pole
2 mile Walk/Run
Pizza Party afterwards
Sponsored by RES Home Care

• What to bring: drinks, desserts, stuff for the table
• We need about 10 volunteers for course support
• A volunteer for bike support would be nice too
• A few volunteers for the finish line