Selden Hills Warrior Training


December 12, 2013
by admin

Welcome to Selden Hills Warrior Training

The Selden Hills are calling! Are you ready to challenge yourself and amp up your training? If so, please join the growing number of runners doing just that on the tough 10k course that has hill upon hill for 5 demanding miles, followed by a flat, fast finish.

Runners of all abilities are welcome. Our motto is no one runs alone. Contact us for more information.

Regular group runs are now Wednesdays at 4:30 and 5:30. Please see the Calendar for special events and utilize the Facebook page to schedule all other group runs.

April 4, 2016
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Scott Mandia

Warrior of the Week: SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT
Scott Mandia Age: 50
Status: Married to Kelly Mandia, two boys age 11 and 8
Occupation: Meteorology and climate change Professor at Suffolk County Community College (Selden)
Favorite hobby: Finding great craft beer to enjoy
“You look like a runner.” That was the typical comment I heard when I attended races and North Country Road Warriors’ (NCRW) club functions with my runner wife, Kelly Mandia, and people found out that I was not a runner. “That is why I don’t run. I’m already there so why do the work?” I replied with a big grin. That all changed three years ago. Continue Reading →

amazing race recap

April 4, 2016
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Selden Hills Amazing Race Recap by Michelle Berg

Each time I think a Selden Hill event can’t top a previous event, I’m wrong. Todays event will certainly be one to talk about in years to come.

When I heard there would be a SHW Amazing Race scenario in our beloved trails, my first thought was “nope.” I’m not outdoorsy, I don’t like dirt and besides Robs Run, I’ve never ran in trails. When I found out I didn’t have to work on the day of the AR, I figured, why not take part? How hard could it be? I should face my fears of being dirty and possibly contracting Lyme disease. Lou and his team of mad people created a route as well as placed team markers throughout the course. The objective, get all your team markers and win win win. 8 teams of fun, fast and fierce folks were assembled.

No surprise Jaime and I were paired. Continue Reading →


March 19, 2016
by cprchiro1

Don’t Let an Achilles Injury Stop You in Your Tracks

By James Gucciardi

Myth has it that the mother of Achilles dipped the infant in the River Styx, which supposedly offered powers of invulnerability. Holding him by his heel his whole body was submerged in the magical water making him invincible. That is, his whole body except for his heel where his mother held him.

Achilles tendinitis is one of the most frequent injuries suffered by runners. If you run long enough, there is a good chance you’ll suffer from Achilles pain at some point. There can be many reasons for this, but one clearly stands out the most among the rest and that is over-use. Let’s take a look into greater detail of the anatomy of the Achilles, how it breaks down, and what you can do to have more resilient ankles. Continue Reading →

March 12, 2016
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Colleen Thompson

Spotlight Saturday
Colleen Thompson: Age 38
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff
Kids: 2 Furbabies…cats named Toby and Jack
Place of birth: St. James NY
I just wanted to say “thank you” to Lou for selecting me to be “Warrior of the Week” and also to all of the awesome people I have met so far since becoming a warrior! Continue Reading →


February 28, 2016
by admin

Scream Machine Recap- by Michelle Berg

Lately, the last thing I ever want to do is run. Yep. Me, this girl, has lost her mojo. So, what made me decide to take on the 25K Scream Machine course?

Lack of oxygen to my brain? I had a lobotomy? I’m a pod person? Peer pressure? The compulsive need to want to be part of the “first crew” to run. How about none of that, or maybe, all of it. Continue Reading →