Selden Hills Warrior Training


December 12, 2013
by admin

Welcome to Selden Hills Warrior Training

The Selden Hills are calling! Are you ready to challenge yourself and amp up your training? If so, please join the growing number of runners doing just that on the tough 10k course that has hill upon hill for 5 demanding miles, followed by a flat, fast finish.

Runners of all abilities are welcome. Our motto is no one runs alone. Contact us for more information.

Regular group runs are currently Wednesdays at 4:30 and 5:30. Please see the Calendar for special events and utilize the Facebook page to schedule all other group runs.

August 8, 2014
by admin

Hills History- Part 3


Ever wonder how much of our course is actually run in Selden? We are the Selden Hills Warriors after all! Well I wonder about that ALL the time so why not get to the bottom of it once and for all so I can start wondering about other things….like how the heck am I ever going to win a Warrior of the Month with all you mileage machines kicking butt every month!!
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Kelly SS

August 2, 2014
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Kelly Gibbons

Name: Kelly Gibbons

Age: 36

Aka: Gibby (coined by no other than our Gills), Gibbz, Kellz, Hot mess

Occupation: Perioperative (operating room) and Dermatological registered nurse

Family: Colum (mountain bike dude), McKenna: 7 years old (mini-me, completed her first 5k this year!) and Braden (5)

Resides: Holtsville

We have been reading these incredible spotlight stories for a little while now and the one thing I found amazing was how a handful of stories from the women of this group found so much courage, strength, camaraderie , and healing through their love of running after dealing with complications from pregnancy, birth and the hardships that come after too. My journey resonates along these lines too, it’s been a crazy journey up until this point. Life in motion is a ride we need to embrace.
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