Selden Hills Warrior Training


December 12, 2013
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Welcome to Selden Hills Warrior Training

The Selden Hills are calling! Are you ready to challenge yourself and amp up your training? If so, please join the growing number of runners doing just that on the tough 10k course that has hill upon hill for 5 demanding miles, followed by a flat, fast finish.

Runners of all abilities are welcome. Our motto is no one runs alone. Contact us for more information.

Regular group runs are currently Wednesdays at 4:30 and 5:30. Please see the Calendar for special events and utilize the Facebook page to schedule all other group runs.


April 19, 2014
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Saturday Spotlight- Isa Muqattash

Name: Isa Muqattash

Age: 30

Occupation: Software Engineer (and full-time PhD student – leading a double life, I know)

Family: My wife Lauren and son Andrew (22 months old)

A native of Jordan, I was born in Saudi Arabia where my father was contracted as an English/Arabic translator for a government agency that controlled one of the busiest and most popular oil rigging areas in the world. With access to many beaches, my father instilled in me the love for swimming from a very young age. At six years old, in first grade, I was already competing several times a year. By second grade, the teachers and coaches had nicknamed me “The Bulldozer”.

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Todd Metro

April 12, 2014
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Saturday Spotlight- Todd Metro

Name: Todd “I-Know-A-Guy” Metro

Age: 46

Occupation: NYPD Detective

Family: My wife Liz (yep, married a younger woman), daughter Hailey (14 going on 21), and son Corey (8 going on 15)

To run a marathon, to sustain a relationship, to overcome illness with dignity–all are lessons in physical and spiritual endurance, knowledge hard won indeed. I think we can all relate to its meaning and to say the least…been there, done that! Having said that, here’s my Saturday Spotlight…

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Todd Rowley

March 29, 2014
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Todd Rowley

I’ve noticed many of our stories involve weight or body image issues, and mine is no exception. I was the kid who swallowed the watermelon seed, the kid wih the “outie” belly button poking through his shirt. On my first day of tennis camp, the counselor poked at the red stain on my t-shirt and said, “Cut down on the Kool-Aid, kid.” In sixth grade I wore the same Wilson sweatshirt to school every single day because I liked the way the pouch hid my gut.

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