Selden Hills Warrior Training


December 12, 2013
by admin

Welcome to Selden Hills Warrior Training

The Selden Hills are calling! Are you ready to challenge yourself and amp up your training? If so, please join the growing number of runners doing just that on the tough 10k course that has hill upon hill for 5 demanding miles, followed by a flat, fast finish.

Members have the opportunity to participate in celebratory Birthday Runs, the Warrior of the Month friendly competition, Prediction Runs, and many more fun events.

Runners of all abilities are welcome. Our motto is no one runs alone. Contact us for more information.

Regular group runs are now Sundays at 8am. Please see the Calendar for special events and utilize the Facebook page to schedule all other group runs.

July 29, 2017
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Michael Flaherty

When I initially became a Warrior and learned of the designation of WOTW, my immediate thought was, “I will never participate.” For one thing, I tend to be a private person and, further, my story is neither very interesting nor unique. What changed my mind was seeing how much Lou does for us. I decided if the request was ever made, there was no way I could say no to him. Additionally, the former WOTWs I know have found the experience to be liberating and cathartic. So, for better or for worse, here is my story… Continue Reading →

July 22, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Kelly Gudice

Saturday Spotlight!!
Sorry a day late, but I had a problem with copy and paste! Anyway.. My name is Kelly Redmond Gudice. I am 43 years old, soon to be 44. I am a Nurse Practitioner at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, (cardiology department). I am married to an NYPD detective Joe Guidice, and we have 3 runners-in-training, Emily (13), Elizabeth (10), and Erin (7). I grew up in Shirley, NY. Continue Reading →

July 8, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Kerri Wyllie

Name: Keri Wyllie (AKA: one of those “Flower Girls”)
Age: 30
Hometown: Centereach
Current Town: Kew Gardens
Marital Status: Engaged to the “College Sweetheart”
Pets: Thorin, my puggle
Occupation: Lab Manager, adjunct instructor
I haven’t been a runner for very long. Early in 2014, I was overweight, pretty unhappy in general, and turning 27 which for some reason just was not all right with my mind. My father had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, my mother had just gotten through pretty rough time with diverticulitis and I didn’t want to end up with either of those things in my future. So I decided to finally lose weight and get into better shape to try and prevent that. Continue Reading →

July 1, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Joe Mecheels Sr.

Name. Joe Micheels Sr
Age. 50
Hometown: Islip
Current Town: East Islip
Marital status : Married to MaryBeth 27 yrs (high school sweethearts)
Children: Joe Jr 25, Peter 22 (both have run the Hills)
Pets: Bailey (shitzu/ yorkie mix) 15yo
Occupation: Paramedic manager,
ACLS PALS CPR instructor, Volunteer paramedic/ firefighter Continue Reading →

June 24, 2017
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Robyn Hiller McGee

Name: Robyn Hiller McGee
Age: 40
Hometown: Shirley
Current Town: Patchogue
Marital Status: Married to Tom McGee
Children: Declan McGee, 4 ❤️
Pets: Molly McGee, our soon-to-be 8 year old black lab mix rescue from Kent Animal Shelter
Occupation: Mother, graduate student (Stony Brook School of Social Welfare), former mental health housing management

I’m not a bragger, so this may be a little tough. I’m more the self-deprecating type, so I’ll just soldier on….. Continue Reading →

June 17, 2017
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Jackie Saratella Olmsted

Name: Jackie Saratella Olmsted
Married: to Eric Olmsted for almost 22 years
Children: 2 – Brian 16, and Matthew 3
Fur Baby: 1 dog; Butters
Occupation: Stay at home Mom
NYS licensed Esthetician
Residence: for the past 17 years Massapequa; before that Bayside Queens

Let’s see where to begin. First off I am not originally from Long Island. I grew up in Bayside Queens, more specifically Alley Pond Apartments. Yes, I’m a queen’s chick. Always. You can take the girl out of queens but not the queens out of the girl. LOL Continue Reading →

June 10, 2017
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Saturday Spotlight- Melanie Sweeney

Name: Melanie Sweeney
Age: 35
Hometown: Newton, Iowa
Current Town: Patchogue
Previous: Kew Gardens, Queens & Chicago, IL
Marital Status: Married to Tim
Children: Quentin, 4
Siblings: 1 brother, 1 sister, both younger
Pets: none currently
Occupation: Conflicts Department Manager at Paul, Weiss

“Is this heaven? No it’s Iowa” I grew up there amongst cornfields and the rolling hills that anyone who has ever participated in RAGBRAI will tell you do in fact exist! My hometown is known for being the former headquarters of Maytag Corporation and little else. Iowa is a place that I grew to have an appreciation for and have many fond memories of. Even though I moved away many moons ago, I am still a Hawkeye fan! Continue Reading →