Selden Hills Warrior Training


December 12, 2013
by admin

Welcome to Selden Hills Warrior Training

The Selden Hills are calling! Are you ready to challenge yourself and amp up your training? If so, please join the growing number of runners doing just that on the tough 10k course that has hill upon hill for 5 demanding miles, followed by a flat, fast finish.

Runners of all abilities are welcome. Our motto is no one runs alone. Contact us for more information.

Regular group runs are now Wednesdays at 4:30 and 5:30. Please see the Calendar for special events and utilize the Facebook page to schedule all other group runs.

June 25, 2016
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Leah Jantzen

Name: Leah Jantzen
Age: 43 (Not me!)
Married to: Michael Jantzen
Kids: Phoebe 12, Luke 8, Charlie 6 and Audrey 4
Occupation: Guidance Counselor

First, thank you to Lou LaFleur for letting me be your Warrior of the Week!
Being a member of this group has truly changed my life.
I hope you enjoy my week; I look forward to sharing with you all! Continue Reading →

June 18, 2016
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Amanda Mills

Saturday spotlight! What?!! I was so excited about this when Lou messaged me a few weeks ago, and quite frankly I was surprised because I haven’t been at the hills as much as I’d like to. But anyway, it’s now 6 PM. I had written out a long, beautiful Saturday Spotlight this week, and shockingly I left it at work. I didn’t email myself a copy, I didn’t add it to Dropbox, I simply left it on my work laptop, left the office on Friday, and promptly forgot all about it. Soooo, fast forward to this morning when I was searching everywhere for it on my computer and then you should have seen my face when I realized what I’d done. It wasn’t pretty!! Continue Reading →

Marie Trav

June 11, 2016
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Marie Travis

Name – Marie Travis
Age – 28 (29 on August 7…Leo Crew!)
Boyfriend – Joey Sander (sometimes called “The Big Guy”)
Nieces/Nephew – 2/1 – Victoria Rose and Ana Sofia, and Michael Alexander<3 love those 3 like crazy!

Mid-summer last year (ish…), Lou messaged me about something unrelated to WOTW, but accidentally messaged me something that was supposed to go to that week’s WOTW. When he realized his mistake (which was great, because I was confused as hell), he apologized, which wasn’t necessary, and then said that my time would come…I asked if that was a threat and he laughed. Continue Reading →

June 1, 2016
by admin

Warrior of the Month May- KC Brett

The winner of the May 2016 Warrior of the Month is a familiar one. With a total of 173.6 miles on the various Selden Hills courses is our 4 time WOTM winner KC Brett. Congratulations!! It never ceases to amaze me on the number of miles KC and several others compile each month. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger was never more appropriate!!

May 13, 2016
by admin

Saturday Spotlight- Jane Groneman Kinsella

Name: Jane Groneman Kinsella
Age: 60!!! (How did THAT happen so fast?!)
Occupation: Principal’s Secretary at St. James Elementary School
Married to: Richard Kinsella
Children: Four sons: Jared, 36, Jeremy, 33, Patrick, 31, and Brett, 26
Grandchildren: 3 girls (Yeah, finally girls!) Anna, 11, Beth, 8 and Lyla, almost 6
Happy Saturday, Warriors!! Thanks to Lou for letting me have the honor to “speak my piece”! (You’ll be sorry when I’m done, Lou! LOL!) I would also like to thank Colleen McKillop who brought me to “The Hills” for the first time in 2013! Her enthusiasm for “The Hills” and all the wonderful people connected to them was infectious and I, too, have come to love them both (The Hills and the people)! Continue Reading →